Memorial Celebration of Life and Funeral Info

A Celebration of Life will be held at First Baptist Church of Eugene on Friday February 5th at 7pm (3550 Fox Meadow, Eugene, OR 97408) and a Funeral Mass will be held on Saturday February 6th at 11am at St Paul Catholic Church (Satre Street, Eugene OR 97401).



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3 responses to “Memorial Celebration of Life and Funeral Info

  1. Peg Major

    I will remember him for his impeccable sense of humor. So much fun to listen to !!!

  2. Nancy Hoskins

    An appropriate memorial to Ed would be a bronze statue by Peter Helzer at the Hult Center. Then he wouldn’t miss a show.

  3. Sandra Green

    Mr R was frightening but tremendously skilled at getting the most out of the lucky actors that worked with him. I was a student at South in 1966 and was in his makeup class. He loved using me for a model because I didn’t blink…I was too afraid to! I worked on every play I could for that last high school year and grew to adore him and fear him at the same time. I will miss him even though I didn’t see him much.

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