This blog was created by Ed Ragozzino’s family.  This is a space to leave your comments, memories, thoughts, videos and photos about Ed Ragozzino.  He was a visionary educator, producer, director, voice talent, devoted husband, loving father & grandfather, caring brother and loyal friend.  Please keep all content on this site appropriate for all ages.


One response to “About

  1. Mark L. Sherman

    Ed Ragozzino profoundly influenced my life. He assisted me to develop a sense of personal identity and increased self-esteem in high school. I was a loner and felt isolated until I became involved in theater. I eventually starred in a leading role in one of his productions.

    My first career job was to teach speech and drama and direct plays at Marshfield H.S. in Coos Bay (197074). I guess I was trying to emulate Ed.

    I later changed careers, going onto further graduate school and entering into educational administration. I continued to teach and work as a school principal until my retirement.

    Directly because of Ed I developed my academic abilities and was able to excel in my career.

    I attended the fine memorial last Friday evening and was deeply moved. It was great to see old friends.

    Thank G-d for Ed Ragozzino.

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